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Gates/Election Connection

Mudpie's tactical perspective:

Timelines are fun... MSFT shorting is still on the table. Links with the timeline 

May 3 Bill Gates divorce announcement. [1]

May 4 Attny Matthew Deperno releases report alleging a Microsoft SQL Server backdoor was found installed on the Dominion Election Management System (EMS) in Antrim County. [2] (The Dominion EMS is used for tallying votes and creating final tally reports for the county.)

May 5 AZ Democrats force Maricopa auditors to stop some voter canvassing efforts. [3]

May 5 Federal DOJ warns Arizona officials about Senate recount in Maricopa county. [4]

May 5 Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers warns the Federal DOJ to “stay in their lane” and to not touch Arizona ballots or machines unless they want to go to Arizona prison. [5]

Once again I think we are watching history, bad point in history, but history no less.

But that’s not where it all ends... smartmatic has an connection... A connection... a big connection.

Ex wife can dump stock outside of SEC rules so that she can get more plastic surgery and disappear in a region with no extradition. Seems like the Game of Thrones saga was based on actual events.. minus cool dragons.

Links on each point:

Sources: 1.





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