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Epstein Still Didn’t Kill Himself

The prison guard who were supposed to be doing rounds every 30 minutes in Epstein’s cell block the night he slipped this mortal coil cut a deal with the 0ba… Biden “Justice Department” and will serve no jail time for allowing the world’s leading pedophile caterer to die in the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center.

Tova Noel and Michael Thomas will serve no jail time and complete 100 hours of Community Service for “Falsifying Records” – They reported that they were doing rounds, but they “admit” to actually surfing the internet and taking a nap. Senator Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska) likened the ridiculous deal to traffic court. Seems about right for a DUI – unless you’re a Kennedy, in which case you end up a US Senator.

This deal with the guards will do nothing to dispel the idea that Epstein was whacked in his cell by somebody who wanted to keep him quiet, permanently.

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