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Emaciated Casey Strikes Out.

Do you know why the Pittsburgh Pirates and Seattle Mariners have sucked for decades? It’s not just that their Major League level sucks, it’s that their AAA, AA and even Single-A teams suck. Any real talent flees at the first opportunity, and the Farm System is a dust bowl of incompetence.

It’s not just players that suck, either: There's an Owner and GM that are awful, a Scouting Organization that can’t count balls and strikes, let alone measure talent, and Coaches that are washed up and can't handle the job.

Thus is it with the Democratic Party: When your Single-A and AA local and state candidates and office holders are Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey bad, Governors Wolf, Cuomo, and Newsome bad, then your AAA team – Congress – doesn’t have any talent to pull from, so you get idiots like Tim Kaine, Maxine Waters, or Nancy Pelosi. You get "The Squad" as you bullpen.

It naturally follows that your Major League team - your POTUS and Vice President - suck too. So where does all this suckiness come from? From your ownership and management group – your recent ex-POTUS and DNC leaders. Look at what they believe in (or abhor) and who they attract.

The Pirates and Mariners - or the Detroit Lions and NY Jets, or the Sacramento Kings and the NY Knicks - have wonderful losing traditions stretching back decades because they continue to plow ahead with the same stupid plan in the face of years of consistent, predictable, repeatable failure; The Democrats have sucked for generations because they continue to follow their Leftist, Liberal agenda despite 50 years of unrelenting, unmitigated failures.

That’s how you build a loser – in baseball or politics.

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