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Election Day in the People's Republic of NYC.

In the Race to Replace De Blasio, It's a Who's-Who of Stupidity.

New Yorkers Vote for Mayor in Race Tinged With Acrimony and Uncertainty (

From the Article:

“… it may be weeks before a Democratic primary victor — who would become an overwhelming favorite to win the general election in November — is officially declared.” (my emphasis added)

Yep - after a year-plus of lock-downs, Stasi-style neighbor-narc'ing, shuttered businesses, and sky-rocketing crime, New Yorkers have learned NOTHING.

The Front Runners are:

Andrew Yang – He who lost to Biden and Bernie running for President, last known to be offering everyone free money – his own free money… Yang, however, is Asian – and Liberals are allowed to hate and discriminate against Asians. He is also against defunding the Police.

Kathryn Garcia – Former NYC Sanitation Commissioner (Mafia ties, anyone?) Garcia and Yang are encouraging their supporters to vote for the other candidate as their #2 choice. As Head Trash Master, Garcia should feel right at home on any subway train or any city street.

Eric Adams – Brooklyn Borough President and former Police Captain who is calling for a greater Police presence on the Subway system, which has fallen into a Third World crime spree zone. Adams is Black and has played the Race Card against Yang and Garcia, who are Asian and Latina. Isn’t that gonna be fun?

Maya Wiley – Former De Blasio Counsel and Left-Wing "Defund the Police" Candidate who believes transferring billions from the Police Budget to the Social Safety Hammock is the best solution for New York City. She's described as the #1 choice of "White Progressives" - my favorite racists.

Frankly, I hope Wiley wins – New York deserves to become the next New Delhi: Drive it into the ground.

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