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Divided States of America

E Pluribus Unum.

United We Stand, Divided we Fall.

A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand.

Do you get the feeling that after 100 years of fighting to end segregation, and 40 or 50 yrs of de-segregation – even if racists like Joe Biden fought against it – it's suddenly being turned on its head and we are rushing full-speed towards re-segregation?

I think it started in the late 80’s and 90’s – it was slow, but it was there. Colleges started fund-raising for their “African American Student Center” – buildings for ONLY Black students.

Now? Well…

  • Kwanzaa: That’s “Black Christmas” – Because, as we all know – Jesus was a White Supremacist who only died for White People and Christianity is oppressive White Supremacy. Oh sure – It’s the only major world religion that fought to end slavery, the birthplace of the anti-slavery movement here and in England, even as some today still openly support it, but we need a segregated, totally made-up Black Hanukah.

  • Juneteenth – We also need a Black 4th of July because everything prior to the orgasm of Idiocy and White Guilt that elected Barack Hussein 0bama, TWICE, that ever happened in American History was – of course – Racist Racism conducted by Racists. Except, evidently, Union Troops telling Democrats in Texas that they lost the war to Republican President Lincoln & Republican-President-to-be Ulysses S. Grant.

  • Black National Anthem – Now we have “Lift Every Voice” as the “Black National Anthem” which the Woke morons at the NFL will be playing before every game. Freed up 10 or so of my Sunday afternoons – not going to have to worry about going to the local NFL home games this year.

  • 1619 is the Black 1776: Hannah Nicole What's-her-face has established that the United States didn’t start in 1776, but rather in 1619. Plus – 1776 was all about keeping slavery intact and not about Taxation without Representation: Even though England and the rest of the world still practiced slavery in 1776, just ignore that little nugget…

What’s next? I’m going with a Black American Flag: After all, the American Flag is a symbol of oppression and racism, right? I mean, not to the people risking life and limb in Hong Kong or Havana striving for basic human rights, not to the people paying human traffickers to bring their kids here across hundreds of miles of hostile terrain, not to immigrants fleeing persecution and poverty from all over the world. Just to millionaire spoiled brat athletes and various performers… to those assholes, it’s terribly oppressive.

Why are they peeling Black Americans out of the fabric of America? It seems like the Emperor’s New Clothes; being sold as something great and grand, when it’s actually a farce and foolish.

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