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Cuba Libre

At a time when American athletes are disrespecting our flag, when an entire political party - the one in charge - claims it is a symbol of racism and oppression, the people of Havana are taking to the streets chanting "Freedom" and waving American flags... One supposes that it is difficult to find an American flag in Cuba, unlike finding Che Guevara t-shirts in the US...

Cubans know and live ACTUAL repression, ACTUAL police violence, and know freedom and opportunity when they see it - just a few scant miles across the Straits of Florida. They've risked life and limb to secure it for decades.

You'll recall Elian Gonzalez making it to Florida to live with his uncle in Miami, his mother perishing on the journey to the US... His Mother's dying dream of Elian living free in the US ended at the point of a gun when Democrat Jan (is she a man?) Reno sent door kickers into the relative's home in the dead of night to kidnap the child and send him back home.

Cubans need our support - it's a shame that the party in power here is made up of useless fans of the Cuban regime. I bet they all have a Che shirt somewhere...

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