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Critical Race Theory, Anti-Racism, White Fragility, 1619…

Critical Race Theory Backlash Is Real | National Review

If you feel as though everything is under assault, you’re correct. The unmitigated Anti-American assholery of the Obama years, which was meant to continue unabated under President Hillary, had four years to re-tool and is now unleashed with all the fury of Hillary wielding an ashtray when she learned about the pudgy little intern’s cigar tricks.

CRT teaches that American values and institutions are just window dressings for white supremacy. It teaches its ignorant and worthless followers to see everything through the lens of racial group think, hyphenated-American identity, and congenital White guilt rather than treat individuals as individuals. We see it when we are told we must consider race above character, when we are told the Criminal Justice system is designed to oppress Blacks, when we are told cops – and not social decay and poor life decisions – are the #1 threat to Black Americans.

As for “Anti-Racism”, the Jim Jones of the (bowel) movement is an intellectual lightweight with a plethora of “Studies” Degrees, including a Doctorate in “African American Studies” – a joke that 30 years ago a Community College would’ve been embarrassed to offer, now for sale at Temple University, where Kendi earned his. What is “Anti- Racism”? Well – let’s just let the ponytailed beta-male sissy Mr. Ibram X. Kendi tell us in his own words: ““The only remedy to racial discrimination is antiracist discrimination.” Well, ain’t that swell. So it isn’t really “anti-racism” at all, it’s just pro-anti-White-racism.

As for White Fragility? Who is it that needs Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima eradicated? Who needs February as their own special little month? Who needed Juneteenth – some sort of booster shot to get them back around to February? Who needs re-segregation on College Campuses? It ain’t White People.

All of this – including the pseudo-history of Side Show Bob’s 1619 Project – is supposedly aimed at “White Supremacy” – well, guess what? It’s really aimed at Western Civilization. It’s just the latest attempt by the worthless, mouth-breathing, shitshow Left to destroy America. By the Way – Ibram X Kendi’s real name is Ibram Henry Rogers… LOL.

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