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Critical Dumbass Theory

What is a “Theory”? Well, in “Science” a theory is something that can be repeatedly tested and verified through the Scientific Method via acceptable protocols of hypothesis, observation, measurement, and evaluation. In Sociology, the bar is not set quite so high – it is merely a supposition that is intended to explain a connection between events, and the subsequent evaluations and formulation of a consensus based upon rigorous analysis and study of said events.

Critical Race THEORY, is neither of these. It is a triangle full of half-assed assumptions made by half-wit racists and Marxists with little to no scientific underpinnings. It is – in essence – “Critical Race Opinion” – and it’s a badly formed, scientifically ignorant one at that. Maybe we should call it “Critical Race Blame Shifting” or something like that.

In any event, they have a cute little triangle that – when boiled down – basically means this: Everything is somebody else’s fault and White People suck… Oh yeah - America sucks too.

Well, to hell with that. I took it upon myself to develop my own Critical Theory, based upon the same rigorous dedication to scientific observation, logical progressions, and thorough evaluations of facts… and a shitload of coffee. I’m pretty sure I at least have facts on my side – something the angry shitbag Marxists who invented CRT don’t have.

So here it is: The Triangle of Critical Dumbassery, upon which my Critical Dumbass Theory is built. Enjoy.

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