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China says: We love what you're doing there liberals.

China Compares Apple Daily Shutdown to Big Tech Blocking Parler.

This sounds strangely familiar:

"Xinhua claimed everything done to Apple Daily was “in accordance with the law” and no different than what Western governments do:

There has never been such a thing as absolute press freedom. As a matter of fact, those Western countries that are trying to disparage China have strict regulations on the production of news, as well as red lines on freedom of speech or press. Some are even intensifying their restrictions. In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission is responsible for managing and licensing media outlets and the content those media produce all across the country. In Germany, speeches like Holocaust denial and other forms of incitement to hatred against segments of the population are punishable by imprisonment of up to five years. In 2017, Germany passed the Network Enforcement Act, which requires Internet platforms to take action against hate, harassment and terror propaganda.

Xinhua claimed Westerners only support Apple Daily because they want to “instigate hatred and spread disinformation” to “stoke chaos in Hong Kong and pressure China.”

Hatred and disinformation, isn't that exactly why Trump was banned, exactly what he was accused of doing?

Remember when Parler was shut down? The Chinese were taking notes.

"An editorial at China’s state-run Global Times hit the same talking points, wondering how any American official could criticize the crackdown on Apple Daily after what Big Tech did to upstart social media platform Parler in 2020:

No Western country would allow the existence of such a hub that manipulates public opinion to counter constitutional system of the country. Any media outlet that has gained inciting power to oppose the mainstream will not be spared. For example, after former US President Donald Trump’s Twitter account was permanently shut down, his supporters gathered on the app Parler, which was banned for good. We have to point out that Trump’s account and Parler pose much less of a constitutional challenge to the US than what Apple Daily posed to Hong Kong’s constitutional system. The former is a deviation, while the latter is blatant confrontation. The “silencing” of Trump reflects the extent to which anti-establishment dissent is truly tolerated in the US."

"The “silencing” of Trump reflects the extent to which anti-establishment dissent is truly tolerated in the US." Think back, there was a 4 month period where you could be banned form Facebook if you said covid and lab leak in the same post. You had post fact checked and censored if it mention hyd-roxy-chloro-quine (hyphened to avoid censor) assumably because Trump suggested it would be effective and some woman killed her husband by giving him fish tank cleaner.

The Chinese are sitting back, taking notes, and pointing out that in a country where there is a supposed freedom of press and freedom of speech, we have none. We are only doing the same as US liberals.

Think its not an issue...

Web sites blocked by Chinese government, short list:

Liberals salute youtube banning the videos on youtube about the genocide of the Uygurs in China. No one in china could see it, but youtube and liberals ban it in the US. Mail chimp, a email service, canceled the BabalyonBee, claiming it was a mistake. (BabalyonBee canceled them). Parler was canceled through server privileges. Payment processor Stripe, canceled Trump and Maga organizations.

It's scary. The Liberals should worry about their actions.

To close out... a video... google search, today, July 5,2021. Even the Biden administration is looking into the lab leak. Its all over news media, but still censored.

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