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China's Upcoming Dominance in Rare Earth Metals

Unhindered by Concerns for Worker's Safety or the Environment, China Steams Ahead.

China's Dominance in Rare-Earth Minerals a Strategic Threat | National Review

What do F-35 Fighters, specialized magnets, iPhones, and Teslas all have in common? An unhealthy reliance on rare earth metals.

What's a "Rare Earth Metal" - one that's not been cooked? Nope - you gotta go to the bottom of the Period Table to find them, trust me, it's nothing you messed around with in High School Chemistry class with Mr. Jenkins.

The rare earth elements (REE) are a set of seventeen metallic elements. These include the fifteen lanthanides on the periodic table plus scandium and yttrium. China holds about 40% of the world's known reserves of these elements, but the mine about 70% and process about 90% of the world's share of them. China knows the importance of these materials too - holding them hostage from time to time during international trade discussions.

China also leads the world in another critical area: When it comes to Mining Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, and Material Sciences, the Chinese are lightyears ahead of the rest of the world. Oh sure - Globally, Chinese Universities aren't anywhere to be found among the Harvards and Oxfords and Sorbonnes, but when it comes to what the author calls the "Three M's" - they're all over it.

Of course, the US leads the world in the equally important "Three S's": Gender Studies, Women's Studies, and African American Studies. You can see the effect they have on our ability to compete in any heavy industry as you watch Biden shut down our energy independence and beg OPEC+ for more oil.

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