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Childishness on a Saturday

Its not all seriousness and mocking here on the mudpie, sometimes we just need laugh...

Nooooo, a woman being 'viciously attacked' is not funny, its the twitter (yes, twitter is a cess pool that if it closed its servers tomorrow and disappeared, no one would miss it) comments. here are a few that made us laugh. (I will explain some of them, spelling is not corrected, its twitter)

"He need a damn bra"

"looks like an even fatter version of Huell Babineaux"

"King Hippo! When his shorts drop gotta hit the belly" (Punch Out, Mike Tyson boxing Nintendo game to the kiddos)

"Being such a chick magnet, his behavior is shocking"

"Hope he was also charges with indecent exposure for exposing them big ol titties in public."

"Does dude know his areolas are showing?"

"Professor Klump’s in a downward spiral y’all"

"must have been tough to find , guy probably sweats cream cheese"

"That dude got some tig ole bitties."

"BOLO: man with moobs"

"Was the woman Little Debbie"

"Don’t judge a book by its …oh screw it"

" “Gentle giant” “Jogger” "

"Is that EDP445?"

and finally... I was unaware of this gif


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