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Boy was that a slip up, and a 'Yooooo'!!!

Matt Damon: Research for Trump supporter role 'eye-opening'

Looks like Matt is going to get stuck back stage on the various talk shows again.

"Matt Damon says the research he did for his role as an oil rig worker and Trump supporter in the upcoming movie “Stillwater” was “eye-opening.”

"In the movie, Damon plays an oil rig worker from Oklahoma who travels to Marseille, France, to help his daughter, who is in prison for the murder of her roommate. The story parallels that of Amanda Knox, an American student who was convicted and later acquitted of killing a British student in Italy."

"Damon said during a news conference on Friday that he spent time with oil rig workers to get a sense of the identity that his character would have in the movie."

“Being invited into their homes, into a backyard barbecue, a guitar comes out and they start singing church songs. It’s a very specific place ... and very different to where I grew up,” Damon said, according to Reuters. “It was really eye-opening for me."

Video should start about he 14:47 mark.

"These guys don’t apologize for who they are,” and they/we don't. Surprise!!!

There is however one guy in Hollywood who gets it, link to the video tweets here.

and here

Mel Gibson with the salute.

Simply awesome.

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