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Biden whispers about his war on small businesses

Yep, ole crazy, sleepy, applesauce Joe whispering during news conferences.. video here:

I think this is straight out of a 80's horror film and shows that Joey is on some serious meds, and was off them for a bit. Some people love this, his 30 or 40 supporters definitely do. But the man is whispering, crazily, about a war he is waging on small businesses.

"Pay them more. This is an employee’s — an employee’s bargaining chip now,"

Employers already pay employment taxes, mandated benefits, take the risk of hiring and employing, and ole crazy Joe knows that his supporters don't know this. So he pits them against the very people who offer them the dignity of work. I guess this is the democrat party.

Podcaster Chase Geiser captioned the clip: “BIDEN: Should I do the whisper thing? INTERN: Definitely.”

Side notes: Kalmala and Jill visited Tennessee to push the vaccine, they got about 30 people to get it. Biden's job approval rating is down around 43% now, expected to go lower when VP pant suit cackles at the pressers at the wrong section of the border.

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