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Biden's Afghanistan

Have you seen the helicopters taking people off roofs? People clinging onto the planes in a desperate attempt to leave the country? It's Vietnam all over again, I think they even have 6 'divisions" rolling down the streets of Kabul.

The resident in chief is noticeably quiet along with his administration on the mishandeling of this 'with-drawl' from Americas 20 year war in Afghanistan, he even walked out of a press conference refusing to answer questions. His spokes people have stated that 'Americans and people who worked with the Americans are.. on their own.' Going as far as to claim that 'we don't have the capability' to go and get people out... We are still America right?

SMDH, please let there be a Biden memo making the order... and impeach him

Lets look at where we think the Biden administration went wrong

  • Afghanistan was stabilized, we had not lost a solider to combat in 18 months. We had an impenetrable air base at Bagram.

  • Trump struck a deal to get troops out, but keep the embassy with 3000+ staff. He warned the Taliban leaders that if America had to come back because they could not behave, it would be utterly devastating.

  1. The only thing the Taliban understands/knows is violence. Trump knew this, Biden was woefully ignorant, as all US politicians seem to be, to this simple fact. It would have worked, yes the Taliban would have tested the resolve but a response would tell them that the Americans mean business.

  • Biden should have pulled out civilians first, military last. Thats the logical to pull out the military first is asking for trouble, and thats what we got

  • Biden opened the door to China to mining contracts and infrastructure building. We should be doing that instead of imposing our form of government on various backwards countries in the middle east.

  • There was no need to leave all the equipment in good working order. Fly out what we can, line the rest up and use it for bombing practice. The Taliban most definitely should not have American uniforms and tactical gear. Come on man!

There will be an Afghan civil war, the norther alliance is not going to submit to Taliban rule, and when the Taliban start imposing sharia law people will not want to return to that life. It's going to be messy, and it is all Biden's fault.

Helping out the politicians who in the future that want to get us into conflicts that drag on for years and years. You should do some reading, Fox Conner (November 2, 1874 – October 13, 1951) was a major general of the United States Army. He served as operations officer for the American Expeditionary Force during World War I, and is best remembered as a mentor to the generation of officers who led the army in World War II, particularly as "the man who made Eisenhower".

"Conner had three principles or rules of war for a democracy that he imparted to both Eisenhower and Marshall. They were:

  • Never fight unless you have to;

  • Never fight alone; and

  • Never fight for long.

Of particular importance to Eisenhower's later career, Conner emphasized the importance of coalition command in preparation for the inevitable war. Said Eisenhower,"

One of the subjects on which [Conner] talked to me most was allied command, its difficulties and its problems. Another was George C. Marshall. Again and again General Conner said to me, 'We cannot escape another great war. When we go into that war it will be in company with allies. ... We must insist on individual and single responsibility—leaders will have to learn how to overcome nationalistic considerations in the conduct of campaigns. One man who can do it is Marshall—he is close to being a genius.'

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