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Biden hides one again as Kabul falls to the Taliban

There are Chinook helicopters landing on embassy roofs all because Biden threw a political temper tantrum because Trump brokered a with-drawl ending americas longest war.

Why Biden? Are democrat politicians that petty and inept? All you had to do was make sure the with-drawl happened.... thats it!

When Biden broke that deal he gave the Taliban a way to break the deal. Instead of "the americas left they way they said they would," our leadership finally ended the war. It's 'we need to make sure the government the Americans installed is gone, they let the maericans stay to long.

I honestly think the Taliban would have been happy to hang out in their caves and pray till the end of time. But Biden needed political points and to keep Trump from getting recognition. Its sad, and the people of Afghanistan will pay the price.

No Joe, they just waited for you to try to score political points and took advantage of it.

Biden drug his feet completely on this. Biden went on vacation when he could have moved all the military equipment into Kabul where it could not be captured by the Taliban. I guess he was to busy being lost at the white house.

Afghanistan is tired of foreign occupation, as most countries and societies do. The time to get out was in May, on the agreed date. Biden should be impeached and Kamala run out of office for her non action. The VP handles foreign affairs and she dropped the ball.

All we had to do was keep the deal back in May. Watch, there will be scant few video of the executions and the gays being thrown off roofs, those will be censured from the eyes of the American public.

Must protect the emperor who has on no clothes, the resident of the White house. I don't see how anyone could ever vote democrat.

This should be the albatross of the Biden presidency, hope it is, I for one will not let this be erased from history.

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