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Anti-Pride Day

So, after a month of having "Pride" about every form of sexual deviance and perversion shoved in our face, we are about to be told that we cannot show any sort of pride in our nation…

Remember – America is so horribly racist that people from every corner of the globe, of every race and creed, are trying to get here – paying traffickers, riding in shipping containers, literally risking their lives – to get here. Didn’t anybody tell them – while they were hiding from oppressive governments, while they were sick on a daily basis from drinking dirty water, while they were wondering if today was the day communist guerrillas or jihadist assholes would come through the fields to wipe them out – how awful America is? Do they know they’re repressed now that they’re here?

Go ahead and be proud of your country – it’s the best country in the history of mankind: It ended slavery, established universal suffrage, built the Middle Class, and codified equal treatment under the law. Countless countries TODAY don’t enjoy what we enshrined 244 years ago.

Don’t let some caterwauling piece of shit Leftist tell you otherwise:

They’ll tell you America is inherently racist, it isn’t.

They’ll tell you America is unfair, it isn’t.

They’ll tell you about Anti-Racism, Critical Race Theory, White Fragility, White Privilege, and that 1619 means more that 1776.

Bullshit to all of that.

What they’re hiding is that all of that – everything the Godless, Vile, Worthless America Left is pushing – is just an attempt to hide one very simple fact: The American Left is an abject failure and they despise everything that makes America Great. Hug a liberal this weekend, it’s a sad day for them – it’s like our April 15th.

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