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A Reparations Plan We Can All Get Behind

The Democrats – who fought a Civil War to keep slavery alive in the US, and who, upon losing said war, took it upon themselves to wreak havoc on the Black Community in the South for 100 years after the war through their terrorist wing (the Klan) and through Klan-supported (and Klan member) Politicians that instituted and enforced segregationist, Jim Crow persecution of Blacks well into the second half of the 20th Century – have now come up with the brilliant idea of “Slavery Reparations”. Mind you – most of the ills facing the Black community today are the result of the last 55 years of Democratic policy making and the complete and utter failure that is the Welfare State.

Far Left Liberals are all on board. We should be too. Here’s the plan - You apply for Reparations and you receive the following:

1 – A disposable, single-use US Passport.

2 – A one-way airline ticket to any Caribbean or African nation of your choice.

3 – A check for $3,650 – the equivalent of $10/day, which is the global average wage.

Upon landing in your new homeland, you will be greeted by US Embassy or Consulate personnel and a representative from the host nation’s Immigration. The US representative will take your single-use passport and dispose of it, and the immigration people will get you registered and converted over to your new nation’s citizenship. The US will pay your new country $10,000 for their troubles.

Congratulations – you’re no longer an American: You’re free from all the oppression of opportunity, free shit, and representative Democracy. You also forfeit your right to EVER return to the US, and your children and your children’s children will also be barred from returning. Are you ready? Good - GTFOH.

Best of luck in your new homeland; if you’re lucky, you’ll find potable water before the rebels kill you and steal your $3,650. It's probably only a 3-4 mile walk in 104 degree heat...

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