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A lawyer that finally gets it got through to a judge

Fed court hands a victory to legal representation Marina Medvin

Medvin, who is representing Jan, 6 defendants got the Judge to correctly issue an order to see/have submitted previously "highly sensitive" videos. The order that the government allow the public to see the tape involving one of her clients.

There are a few competent and ethical DC-barred attorneys handling Jan, 6 cases, and a broader group around the country representing hundreds of citizens arrested that day for various alleged offenses. Video evidence has been deemed to be sensitive and excluded from trial evidence for all, not any more.

This will open the flood gates on videos shot on January 6th, it will require prosecution to produce video of the the accused violent actions and offenses. I see a lot of cases being dropped, a lot of egg on the faces of politicians who are claiming this was a insurrection, it will also identify people who may not have been contacted about their actions on Jan 6.

And it is an Obama appointed judge, so presumably an unfriendly judge. I am thinking the DOJ will ignore the order, drag their feet, anger some judges.

Hey DOJ, show us all every second of every angle of video for that entire day. NO blurring time stamps or faces, just the raw footage. No picking and choosing what we see. We want to see it all! Plus we want to see every communication in regards to safety from every official involved in security leading up to that day. Track Pelosi's locations and when she left the building, Swalwell, Sanders, all the major dems. Let's see if they knew and were in on it, AOC was obvious told to stay away and in her office.

The courts are giving us 30 seconds of footage is a small victory, out of the 14,000 hours that’s being withheld, but now the defendants have a fighting chance in court.

Footnote: PROPOSED INTERVENORS are the press

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